Consume Less Lightbox Quote

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Consume Less Lightbox Quote


We can all take a little bit of time to assess the things we consume, from material objects, to energy and food.
Let's try to shop and consume more consciously. Let's try to buy better quality things, (from small local businesses if possible) that last much longer, so we don't need to keep buying replacements and throwing away more stuff.
Challenge: Which thing can you do without buying this week? (this print??).

Let's try to consume less energy.
Challenge: Can you replace just one car journey this week with walking or cycling?

And how about meat and dairy.
Challenge: Can you switch just one meal this week to something plant based or even just switch your red meat meals to chicken or sustainably sourced fish.

If we all consume just a little less, bit by bit it will all add up.

My mum used to always tell me 'the pennies add up to pounds and then the pounds take care of themselves.' It's the same principle with helping the environment. Small changes build, create a movement and make a statement to bigger businesses and governments to make changes too.

**If you are going to buy this print or any others on here, please try to make it last a lifetime, not just a throwaway item. If you do throw it away, make sure it hits the recycle bin.**

During the Covid lockdowns of 2020/21 I used an A4 Lightbox to put statements on which I displayed in my living room window facing onto the street. Think of it like an analogue status update. Sometimes they were political, sometimes motivational; thought-provoking; song lyrics or just gobble-di-gook. Whatever was on my mind really.

I've graphically re-interpreted some of the most popular quotes into this series of Limited Edition prints.

+ Design by Mr Arteest.
+ Limited edition.
+ Signed, numbered and dated.
+ Printed on premium grade 300gsm FSC certified 100% recycled paper.
+ Each limited edition print comes supplied with an official certificate of authenticity.
+ Supplied unframed.
+ Prints are sent flat in a protective paper and cardboard envelope
+ No plastic packaging is used!