I operate in an environmentally conscious manner throughout all of my personal life and business operations. Below is a summary but you can read more detail on my carbon footprint audit.


  • Using FSC certified 100% Recycled paper to reduce the impact of deforestation, water and chemical usage.
  • Using sustainable print and paper suppliers and checking their operations to ensure they have the minimum of impact and driving toward carbon neutral status. My current print supplier uses all recycled papers, vegan inks and is powered by renewable energy.
  • Minimising the use of packaging materials to provide protection to products only where necessary. Materials that are used are from a recycled source and can be recycled.
  • My studio is powered by renewable energy.
  • Walking or cycling where possible for any business and leisure activities. When this is not possible I use an electric car (we only have one car for the family and business) or public transport.
  • Using Teemill for all T-Shirt prints. They operate a fully circular, sustainable production line. The T-Shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. At the end of the T-Shirt life cycle, you can return it to Teemill, they will recycle it and provide a £5 credit note towards a new one.

I do not make claim to running a perfect operation and I'm unable, at the moment, to fully audit my carbon usage for all operations to certify as Carbon Neutral. It's something I am learning about and would like to strive toward using the B.Corporation assessment.

If you have any questions, recommendations or advice, I am open to ideas and suggestions. I am always looking to improve so please let's talk about it.