And I See Your True Colours...

And I See Your True Colours...

These song words originally sung by Cyndi Lauper have always been magical but they stuck with me even more when they were sung in the kids film Trolls by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. It was years ago that I saw it, but I love it just as much today. It just really connected with me at the time with things going on in my life.
And it’s so relevant to many different events going on right now (June 2020). From black lives to pride month. I don’t want to make light of any situation, these are very serious topics, it’s just meant as a recognition that everyone has a personality that should be allowed to shine through.

There is a flip side to this statement though, it can also reference seeing through the lies and deceit that emanates from some individuals too. You can hide behind a mask (or security), but eventually your true colours will always be seen by all. Remember that.

+ Design by Mr Arteest.
+ Limited edition of 13 in each size.
+ Signed, numbered and dated.
+ Printed on premium grade 300gsm FSC certified 100% recycled paper.
+ Each limited edition print comes supplied with an official certificate of authenticity.
+ Supplied unframed.
+ Prints are sent flat in a protective paper and cardboard envelope - no plastic packaging is used!