Events Happen You Cannot Control

£12.00 - £20.00
Events Happen You Cannot Control

Events Happen You Cannot Control

It’s not easy, especially when things happen that are awful, that make you feel upset or angry or confused, anxious and frustrated. There is so much going on at the moment, so many rules, so much hardship, so many changing events and uncertainties.

We can’t control these things. We can be aware of them perhaps, but anger, hatred, negative feelings towards these events won’t change them.

We can work on our self control though. We can pay attention to the good things in our lives and we can work on letting the upset, anger, frustration to be released to let it pass and enjoy the moments we have each day. Even if its just sitting and enjoying a cup of tea, or going for a walk, calling a friend.

Focus on these things, these moments we control, to bring some joy and positivity to your lofe and others that you care about.

+ Design by Mr Arteest.
+ Limited edition of 13 in each size.
+ Signed, numbered and dated.
+ Printed on premium grade 300gsm FSC approved 100% recycled paper.
+ Each limited edition print comes supplied with an official certificate of authenticity.
+ Supplied unframed.
+ A5 and A4 prints are sent flat in protective envelope, A3 and A2 prints are sent rolled in a sturdy tube by signed for delivery.